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I really want to see something happen with this community and a lot of times I have wanted to shut it down but has really kept me going so I'm going to post a new challenge and hopefully you people will write something. Please!!

Im kind of proud of this idea

Challenge Four-Dan/Emma

One Shot- Emma goes on a date with a friend, and Dan and Rupert being the "over protective brothers" decide to spy on her to make sure the boy does nothing wrong.

1)Must go to a movie and if you would like dinner
2)Dan and Rupert must get caught by Emma while spying on her
3)There has to be a kiss at some point in the story. (I never said between who ;D
4)How Emma reacts to having them spy on her is up to you.

Dead line will be next tuesday that gives you a week, so have fun and be creative. IF you have any questions feel free to e-mail me at

Can't wait to read the entries!!
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Sure, sign me up. I'll take a shot at it.
alright just you know write it and than post it before tuesday
So I don't send it to you first or anything, just post it on this community?
mhm just put it under a cut.
I'll take a shot. Not that i'm a great writer or something ^^;;
ill take a shot at it due THIS tuesday (may 2) or the following tuesday?
this tuesday may second by midnight

oo0p0o im soo excited so many people are going to ggive it a shot..

oo there was a change in the rules i made a post
does it matter how long it is? because i already started writing mine and i can tell its gonna be looong lol
nope because my will be kind of long too.

it just has to be a one shot..