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New here and needs a beta.

Hi ho everyone!

I'm new to this community.

I'v been writing fics and stories all of my life. Some with original characters and some with characters from books or bands etc.

I started to write a Dan&Emma fic, but before i'll post anything i have a small requst.

Can somebody be my beta reader?

Since English is not my first language, i need someone that'll go through the fic and correct my mistkes, so the fic would be readable.

And now, a little about moi:

I'm 18, live in Israel, love reading and writing. Obesessed with Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe, Japan, Jrock, Brazil, England, The X-Files and the list goes on.

I love making new friends whenever i can.

And you can call me Tsukiko, angelalexial, Fizzy, Dan's lovecat, or make up a name for me =).

People says about me: That i'm gonna be a big writer, at least like J.K Rolling. Which, i don't think will happen XD.

So that's about it.


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