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My thought's are choking on you my dear


“Hi Emma, it’s Ben. Gimme a call back when you get this, there’s something I want to ask you. See ya!” BEEP. Emma flipped her cell phone shut and smiled. She had been waiting all afternoon for Ben to call, but unfortunately had been filming all day and missed his call. The thought of calling him back gave Emma butterflies in her stomach. Bonnie came walking around the corner and Emma grabbed her arm.


“Guess what?” Emma asked grinning. “What?” Bonnie answered. “Ben just called me and said he wants to ask me something. I think he may finally ask me out on a date!” Emma exclaimed. Bonnie’s eyes lit up and she hugged her friend. Emma had been talking about Ben for weeks. He was her new crush. Bonnie was so happy that Emma finally found someone to help her get over her previous crush. Things didn’t seem to be working out with “the other boy” and Bonnie had been worried that Emma might not want to date anyone for a while. Ever since “the other boy” had been rejecting Emma’s constant hints of her feelings towards him, Emma had become sad and slightly depressed. But ever since she had met Ben, things changed. Emma was back to her old self again and Bonnie couldn’t have been happier for her. “Emma that’s wonderful! So does this mean you are finally over-“ Bonnie was cut short by Emma pressing her right index finger over Bonnie’s lips. “Shh!” Emma hissed. “He might hear you.” Besides, Emma didn’t even want to think about “him” anymore. If he didn’t feel the same way about her, then that was fine. She would just pretend it didn’t bother her, even though it really did. But she wasn’t about to let Bonnie know that. For all Bonnie knew, Emma was completely over “what’s his name” and that’s the way Emma wanted it.


So to answer her friend she replied, “Of course I’m over him. I’m not going to waste my time on him if he doesn’t even feel the same way.” Emma grabbed her purse and walked down the hallway with Bonnie beside her. On their way out to the parking lot, the girls ran into Dan and Rupert.

“Hello boys.” Emma said smiling. Dan scrunched up his eyebrows in a confused looking matter and said, “Why are you so happy?” Emma just grinned, but didn’t answer. Bonnie rolled her eyes. “She thinks she’s about to be asked out by Ben” Bonnie answered. Dan’s expression changed. “She thinks?” Rupert asked. “Well I’m not sure yet because I have to call him back.” Emma replied, and with that she took her cell phone out of her purse and dialed Ben’s number. She stepped away from her friends, so as not to be rude and talk in front of them. While Emma walked away to talk on the phone, Dan and Rupert exchanged glances, but Bonnie didn’t notice. “She seems to really like Ben” Bonnie said, oblivious to the fact that the boys seemed uncomfortable with the situation. “Well that’s good.” Rupert said nodding his head. Dan elbowed him in the ribs. “Ow!” Rupert grunted. He looked at Dan with an angry expression as Dan looked back with wide eyes and pursed lips. Ron knew what that meant…Dan was telling him to shut up. Bonnie looked at the boys as if they were crazy, but she wasn’t about to ask what was up with them. Boys did weird things like that. Just as the silence between the three of them grew a bit more uncomfortable, Emma rejoined the group all smiles. “Well, Ben and I are going out tonight! He’s taking me to dinner and a movie.” She exclaimed. “Emma that’s great!” Bonnie said smiling. Rupert and Dan nodded there heads and mumbled, so as to sound like they were happy for her. “Well I better get home and get ready. See you all tomorrow!” Emma said and skipped off to leave.


Bonnie walked away to leave as well. Rupert was about to do the same when Dan stopped him.

“We have to go on that date.” He said. “Oh yeah, since we were invited and all.” Rupert replied chuckling.

“I’m serious,” Dan said back. Rupert looked at Dan and saw that he really was serious. “Are you crazy?”

Dan thought about that for a moment. Was he crazy? Lately he had been feeling really over protective towards Emma, and feeling different around her. In fact he even had a dream about her, but he didn’t dare tell Rupert that. “Yes I’m serious” he said, scratching his cheek. He sat down on the curb of the sidewalk to think. Rupert sat next to him. “Why?” Rupert asked.

Dan held his face in his hands. How was he going to explain to Rupert what he was feeling towards Emma? He thought for a moment, and then decided he just couldn’t do it. So he decided to lie instead. “Well, I heard that this Ben guy isn’t too trustworthy. I think I heard he cheated on his last girlfriend or something.” Dan said looking at the ground. That sounded stupid, he thought. After a minute of silence he looked over at Rupert to find him staring dumbfounded at him. Dan smiled at the look on Rupert’s face. He did sound stupid. “Alright look, I just think that if Emma is going to seriously date this guy, we should see how he is. I mean we wouldn’t want just ANYONE going out with her, right?” he asked. Rupert pondered for a moment and then nodded. “Right” he replied. “But how are we going to do that?”

Dan stood up and ran after Bonnie. “Bonnie!” he yelled. She turned around, squinting in the sunlight. “Yes?” she replied. “Do you happen to know where Emma is going out to eat?” Dan asked, panting from his sudden urge to run after her. “Um no. I was standing right there with you when she told us about the date. When would I have found out what restaurant she’s going to?” Bonnie answered. Dan rolled his eyes. Of course she had been standing there with them. “Do you think you could find out for me?” he asked, hoping she wouldn’t question why he was asking her to do this for him. No such luck, as Bonnie then asked “Why?” Dan thought hard for a minute. This was turning out to be harder then he had expected.  “Because Rup and I were thinking about going out for a bite to eat later and we wouldn’t want to run into Emma on her first date. I mean how awkward would that be?” Dan said smiling as if he really was telling her the truth. Please buy that lie, he thought. “Um, yeah okay. I’ll call her and then call you later.” Bonnie said. She still had a very confused look on her face, but turned away and ended the conversation anyway. Dan let out a small sigh of relief and headed back to an even more confused Rupert, who sat waiting for him on the sidewalk.

“What the bloody hell was that all about?” Rupert asked. Dan let out a small laugh. “I think I figured out a way for us to watch over Emma.” He said. Rupert lowered his eyes and said, “Oh yeah? How?”

“We spy on her.” Dan said. Rupert busted out laughing, but stopped when Dan glared at him. “Do you have a better idea?” he asked. Rupert shook his head.

“Well then, spying it is. Come on Rup, you know you’re dying to see what a creep this guy is.” Dan said. Rupert thought this over and nodded. “Yeah, you’re right. Emma’s like a sister to us. It’s our duty to protect her” he said jokingly. Dan grinned, agreeing with Rupert on the outside. But on the inside, the words “Emma’s like a sister to us” were playing over and over again in his head. A sister that I dream of like the way I dreamed about Emma? I think not! He thought.


Two hours later, Rupert and Dan stood along the corner of the restaurant that Ben and Emma were about to enter any minute. Keeping her word, Bonnie had phoned Emma earlier and found out where Ben and Emma were going to eat. Dan leaned against the wall, trying to look casual to the people that were entering the restaurant and passing by. The boys were standing in a slight shadow cast down from a tree, so that when they spotted Emma, they could easily slip back among the tree and not be seen. Rupert strained his neck to get a better look at the people standing in front of the building. He saw the back of a girl wearing a denim skirt and a pink lacy top. When he spotted the shoulder length hair pulled back with the signature headband, he knew he had spotted her. “I think I see her mate.” He said, pointing. Dan followed Rupert’s finger with his eyes and saw Emma turn her head. Even from far away, Dan could see how beautiful she looked. “She cleans up pretty nicely.” Rupert whispered, half jokingly as he had seen her dressed up on many occasions. This time, he only said it because of Dan’s reaction to how Emma looked. Before Dan could answer, Emma and Ben walked towards the front of the restaurant. “They’re coming” Dan said, panicking. The two slid back behind the tree and into the shadows. They watched as Emma and Ben entered through the front doors. “Lets go” he said, and with Rupert following him, they walked towards the front doors themselves. Luckily Emma and Ben had chosen a casual restaurant to eat at, because otherwise Rupert and Dan would have looked a little strange walking into a fancy place together. However at this place, they could blend in as two friends out for some dinner.


“Uh, just two” Dan said to the hostess, not paying attention to anything but where Ben and Emma sat. The boys followed the hostess down the aisle until she started to lead them to the opposite side of the restaurant. “Uh, do you think we could maybe sit closer to that window?” Dan asked, pointing towards the window in which Ben and Emma were sitting in front of. “Let me check” the hostess said. She left the boys standing in the middle of the aisle as she returned to her podium. Dan and Rupert casually glanced over at Emma. She was laughing at something that Ben was saying. The boys glared. “I dislike him already” Rupert said. Dan nodded. The hostess returned and said “This way, please” and led the boys to a table that was two tables away from where their target sat. She handed them both menus and walked away. Pretending to scan his menu, Dan cast another glance in Emma’s direction. She now sat with her chin resting on her hands, hanging on every word the Ben was saying. Damnit, Dan thought. She seems to be enjoying herself. As if reading his mind, Rupert said, “She seems to be enjoying herself.” Dan looked at him. “It’s scary how you do that.” He replied. “Do what?” Rupert answered back. “I was thinking that same thing.” Dan said. “Oh. Well in this situation I think we will be thinking the same thing all night…Ben has got to go.” Rupert said angrily. Dan nodded his jealous head in agreement. The boys mumbled their order to their waiter and then concentrated on nothing but Emma and the boy. “I don’t like the way he’s looking at her. Like all he wants is a piece of ass or something” Rupert grumbled. Dan nodded, but swallowed hard, feeling guilty, He had been looking at her like that too, but not wanting her as just a piece of ass. He wanted much more of her than that. Throughout the meal, the two said nothing to each other. They just ate their food and stared at Emma and Ben until their eyes began to water. Finally, when it looked like Emma was finished with her meal, the boys asked for the check. But they received the check and paid their bill before Emma and Ben even got up. They didn’t seem to be in a hurry to leave.


 “Why are they still sitting there? They’ve finished their meal.” Rupert said. “I don’t know, but I don’t like it.” Dan replied. He tore his eyes away from Emma for a moment to spot a very large plant sitting next to Emma’s table that he hadn’t noticed before. “Rup” Dan said, getting his friend’s attention. “Yeah?” Rupert replied, still staring at the couple. “You see that plant over there?” Dan asked, pointing behind Emma. Rupert tore his glare away from Emma and looked to where his friend was pointing. “Oh yeah. Has that been there the whole time?” he asked. “Yes” Dan said laughing at the fact that neither of them had noticed the plant before. “We could hide behind it. You know, listen to what they are saying and all.” Rupert said. Dan bit his lip, concentrating. Was listening in on a conversation taking this spying thing a bit too far? Emma did deserve her privacy. He was about to mention this to Rupert when he saw Ben reach across the table and take Emma’s hand. All thoughts of privacy vanished from his mind. He had to spy on them now. Rupert must have noticed the hand grab as well because Dan heard him snarl and let out a loud huff of frustration.


 “Okay, we can hide behind the plant. But it doesn’t look big enough for both of us to hide behind.” Dan said.

“Yeah” Rupert said, sounding disappointed. “Then you go hide behind it” he finished.

“Me?!” Dan squealed, turning his attention towards his friend. “Why me?”

“Because this was your brilliant plan to begin with!” Rupert shot back.

“Well you were the one who was all about the ‘we need to protect our sister’ crap!” Dan replied.

“Well you’re the one who can’t decide whether you love her or not!”

Ouch. That comment hit Dan right in the chest. How had Rupert figured that out?

“How do you know that?” Dan asked him. Rupert looked at him like that was the stupidest thing he had ever heard.

“Come on Dan. I’ve seen the way you’ve been acting all night. Being all jumpy and jealous and all. You’ve liked her for a couple weeks now haven’t you?” Rupert asked. There was no sense in lying now, so Dan nodded. “Actually I think I’ve liked her longer than that, but I’m just now realizing it.” Dan said. He took a drink of his water that the waiter had left on the table. Rupert nodded. “That’s understandable. But then how come you haven’t been flirting back or returning the hints that Emma was sending you?” Rupert asked. Dan spit out the water that was in his mouth, spraying the table and unfortunately, Rupert as well.

“What the hell, man?!” Rupert exclaimed, wiping at his shirt.

Dan wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, and dabbed at the water on the table. “Sorry” he apologized. “But what do you mean the hints that Emma has been giving me?”

Rupert burst out laughing and then stopped when he saw Dan’s face. “Are you serious mate? How could you not notice? Emma’s liked you for a long time, everyone knows that!”

“Everyone except me it looks like.” Dan said, hanging his head in his hands. How could he have been so stupid? All this time Emma had wanted him, but now she was over him and with Ben. He rubbed at his eyes and then looked over at Emma. She sat smiling at Ben, her hand still interlaced with his. “And now I can’t have her.” He said.

Rupert looked at his friend sympathetically. “Well you don’t know that. Not until you go over there and listen to what they’re saying to each other.” He said. Dan nodded. “Alright, I’m going in.” he replied. Rupert smiled.


Dan slowly walked over to the booth next to him and glanced around to see if any waiters or waitresses were watching. Once the coast was clear, he ducked down and walked over behind the plant. He crouched down behind it and peeked his blue eyes through the thick leaves of the tree. From where he was located, Emma had her back to him and he could see Ben’s face. However, since the leaves were so thick, Ben couldn’t see Dan…luckily. Dan listened as Emma said, “Ben, I’m having a wonderful time.” Dan saw Ben smile and then he replied “Me too Emma. You really do look beautiful tonight.”

Dan rolled his eyes. He couldn’t see Emma’s face but he knew she must be blushing. She always did when someone complimented her.  He watched as Ben leaned forward and brushed a stray piece of hair out of Emma’s face. Dan gritted his teeth, mostly out of frustration, but also out of jealousy as well. He had always wanted to brush the hair out of Emma’s face, but had been too nervous to do so.  Dan strained his neck to see a bit better when suddenly his cell phone started to ring! His eyes widened as he saw Emma turn her head to face him. Panicking, he ducked down, snatched his phone out of his pocket and silenced it. Holding his breath, he waited for Emma or Ben to say something.

“Emma, is something wrong?” he heard Ben ask.

“I thought I heard something. A phone ringing.” She replied.

“Well there are lots of people in here, which mean lots of phones, so it’d be natural for one to ring.” Ben said.

“This one sounded familiar, but I can’t quite figure out why.” She said. Dan closed his eyes and prayed that she wouldn’t look behind the plant. He heard the scuffle or a chair moving and listened as Ben said, “Well, we better get going if we want to make this movie.” Dan popped up onto his knees and peeked through the plant again. He watched as Ben walked toward Emma and helped her out of her seat. It was then that Dan realized that in order for Ben and Emma to leave the restaurant they would have to walk right past where he was hiding. He quickly crawled under the next booth and sat with his legs wrapped up in his arms. He watched as Emma’s pink high heels walked past the booth in which he hid, followed by Ben’s brown Doc Martens. Dan let out his breath slowly, thankful that he hadn’t been caught. It was then that he remembered the phone call. He hadn’t looked at who the caller had been. He pulled out his cell phone and pressed the bottom that showed him is missed calls. The name RUPERT flashed on the screen. Dan’s face began to fluster with anger. What was Rupert thinking? Why had he called him when he new bloody well that Dan could have been caught? I’m gonna kill him! Dan thought.


Dan unfolded his legs and crawled out from underneath the booth. He stood up, and came face to face with a very angry looking employer. Dan glanced down at the man’s nametag and saw that it read “Manager”. Dan gulped, then smiled nervously.

“What do you think you are doing?!” the man boasted.  “Uh…I was just…”Dan stammered, scratching the back of his head in nervous habit. He looked over at the table that Rupert was still sitting at and saw that his friend looked as terrified as he did.

“I don’t know what you are thinking mister, but in my restaurant, crawling around underneath tables is not allowed!” the manager shouted. “Uh right, sorry. I was just leaving actually.” Dan said and quickly walked over to Rupert. The two exited the restaurant as quickly as possible and both let out huge sighs of relief once they were safely outside.

“That was close” Rupert said, panting from fear.

“Yeah it was. What the hell were you thinking, calling me like that though?” Dan asked.

“I saw the manager eyeing you suspiciously. I was calling to warn you.” Rupert answered.

“Well you nearly got me caught!” Dan said defensively.

“Well I thought you would have had your phone on silent!” Rupert snapped back. The two stood in silence for minute. Finally once Dan had calmed down, he said “You’re right, I’m sorry. I should have had my phone on silent.” Rupert nodded, accepting the apology. “It’s alright. But man we must be crazy following her around like this. We’ve gotten angrier at each other tonight then we ever have. By the end of this night, you better have your feelings for her straightened out, or else I’m going to hurt you.” Rupert finished. Dan grinned, knowing that Rupert was only joking about that last part.

“Let’s head over to theater or else we’ll miss them.” Dan said, and the two of them crossed the street to head over to the theater, which coincidentally was located across from the restaurant.


The boys entered the theater and noticed that six movies were playing. They scanned the lobby for any sign of Emma or Ben, but no such luck. They had missed them.

“Great! Now we have no idea what theater they went into!” Dan said crossly. Rupert sighed. “I’m sorry man.” He said. Dan swallowed and let out a depressed sigh. It looked like the end of their spying for the night. Just as the two were about to turn to head out the door, a familiar voice called out, “Dan, Rupert! What’s up fellas?” The boys turned to see their buddy Tom Felton walking towards them, accompanied by his girlfriend.

“Hey Tom!” Dan said, greeting him with that typical boy hand shake thing. “What’s up?” Rupert said, doing the same.

“Nothin, nothing. Just seeing a movie with my girl.” Tom said, indicating his girlfriend. Rupert and Dan nodded at her. “You know I just ran into Emma and some guy.” Tom said.

“Really?” Dan said, trying to contain his smile. This was lucky. Rupert smiled as well.

“Did you happen to see what theater they went into?” Dan asked, trying to sound nonchalant.

“Uh, yeah. They headed into theater 3.” Tom said. Dan and Rupert grinned at each other. “Well I’ll see you two tomorrow. Later.” Tom said, and he and his girlfriend walked off towards theater 5. Dan couldn’t contain himself any longer. He let out a laugh. “This is really turning out to be our lucky night.” He said. “It sure is.” Rupert added.


The boys bought tickets and then headed into theater 3 to find Emma and Ben. Once they entered the theater, the movie was starting, which meant that the lights were off. The theater was pretty crowded, not to mention hard to see in the dark. The boys strained their eyes and scanned the theater.

“I don’t see them.” Dan whispered.

“I know, it’s too dark!” Rupert whispered back. “How about you take that aisle and I’ll take this one. We’ll walk up and down until we find them.” He finished.

Dan glared at his friend. Sometimes he wasn’t the brightest crayon in the box. “Rup, we can’t do that. What if they see us?” Dan said.

“Oh, right.” Rupert answered. “Well we better find a seat then.”

Just as the boys were about to sit in any random seat, they heard a familiar giggle to their right. The boys looked toward the front of the row of chairs to their right. Dan spotted Emma with her mouth open as she let out another laugh.
”There’s some open seats a few rows behind them.” Rupert said, pointing to the vacant chairs. The boys headed over and sat down. Emma was positioned exactly in front of Dan, three rows up. Luckily the row in front of them was empty, which left only one person between Dan and Emma. The man behind Emma was large enough that if for some reason she were to turn around, Dan would be able to hide behind him. As the movie started, Dan watched as Ben put his arm around Emma. Dan gripped the hand railing of the seat so hard that his knuckles turned white. Rupert looked over and saw the irritated look on Dan’s face and his pale knuckles.

“Calm down pal.” He said. Dan let out a slow breath and tried to calm himself down.

“I guess there’s no need to sort out your feelings then, eh? Looks to me like you’re already head over heels for her.” Rupert whispered.


Neither Dan nor Rupert had any idea what the movie was about. They sat through the entire thing watching nothing but Emma and Ben. At one point, Rupert had to shove Dan back into his seat when he had stood up to get a better view of the couple. Dan thought that Ben had tried to kiss Emma, but it turned out he had only whispered something in her ear, not like that was any better. The two mumbled angrily to each other.

“Will you two be quiet please?” a man hissed at them. Dan turned around and apologized. The man looked about 25 and he had some muscles on him. He wasn’t someone they wanted to mess with.

“Look at him! What does he think he’s doing?” Dan whispered softly as not to disturb the man behind him and his date. Ben still had his arm around Emma, but he was now stroking her wavy brown hair.

“I don’t know, but if he keeps it up, I’ll chop his fingers off.” Rupert whispered back. It was good to know that Rupert was just as pissed off as Dan was, even if Rupert’s feelings were more in a brotherly manner.

Dan looked at Emma and noticed that she was trying to shrug Ben’s arm off of her shoulder. Dan sat up a little straighter to get a better look. He nudged Rupert and pointed this out to him. Rupert looked at them as well. It did seem like Emma was beginning to feel uncomfortable. Ben lowered his hand from Emma’s hair down to the spot between her shoulder blades. His fingers slipped underneath the neck of her shirt. Emma flinched, and Rupert and Dan tensed up. “Ben, stop it.” Emma whispered. The boys watched as Ben grinned and whispered something in her ear. Emma shook her head no, and removed his arm from her shoulders. Ben looked a little upset now, but turned his attention back to the movie. Just as Dan was beginning to calm down, he saw Ben kiss Emma on the cheek. “Ben!” Emma hissed. Dan stood up again, his heart racing and his fists clenched. “I’ll punch him” he muttered.

“Sit down man!” the big guy behind him shouted. Dan sat back down, slowly loosing control of his temper.

“Dude, you’re loosing it.” Rupert whispered.

“I can’t help it. Look how he’s all over her…and she doesn’t want any of it!” Dan hissed. Rupert looked over at the couple and saw the deviant glare in Ben’s eyes.

“Alright, this IS getting out of hand.” Rupert admitted. Just then, Ben kissed Emma on the cheek again and slowly made his way down her neck. “Ben!” Emma hollered. Dan had had enough. He stood up and shouted, “Hey Ben! Why don’t you leave her alone?” Rupert turned and looked at his friend like he was crazy. Unfortunately, so did everyone else in the theater. Ben and Emma turned around. Emma looked slightly surprised, but grateful at the same time. On the other hand, Ben looked down right pissed.

“Man, who the hell are you?” Ben said, nodding at Dan.

“Someone that’s about to beat your ass!” Dan shouted. “Dan, shut up.” Rupert whispered, terrified. Emma sat in shock as she looked from Dan and Rupert, and then at Ben.

“Oh really?” Ben said, smiling mischievously.

“Yeah” Dan said, getting angrier by the minute.

“Man, why don’t you two take this outside before I get involved and beat both your asses!” The burly guy behind Dan said.

Dan stepped out of the aisle, Rupert following him. Emma stood up and walked out as well, followed by Ben.


The four of them reassembled in the lobby, Ben and Dan glaring at each other, Rupert and Emma standing in silence. Dan and Ben stood face to face, eyeing each other. Ben was about a foot taller then Dan, but at the moment he didn’t care. If standing up for Emma meant getting beat up in front of her, then be it.

“Look before you two start spilling blood, I have a few things I want to say.” Emma said. All three boys looked at her. She turned towards Rupert and Dan. Dan grinned at her, but she did not return it. She looked agitated.

“What on earth are you two doing her?” she shouted at them. Rupert backed away slowly. “I…it was his idea Emma, honestly.” He stammered.

“Thanks a lot for the support Rup.” Dan muttered, glaring at his friend.

“Dan?” Emma said, impatiently.

“Well, you see…we were…just…um” Dan began. What the hell was he going to say? His hand immediately reached for the back of his head and started to scratch. The nervous habit had started up again.

“Look, maybe you two should talk alone. Perhaps over there…in that corner?” Rupert said, pointing towards a darkened corner of the lobby where padded benches sat. Dan looked at his friend gratefully. Maybe he wasn’t such a snitch after all.

“No way! Emma’s my date and I have the right to know what the bloody hell you’re doing here as well.” Ben yelled. Emma saw the embarrassed look on Dan’s face. What was going on here?

“No Ben, it’s alright. We need to be alone for a minute.” She said and turned to walk towards the private corner. Dan started after her. Rupert grabbed his arm and whispered “I guess our luck ran out, eh?” Dan nodded. “Just tell her how you feel” Rupert continued. Dan nodded again and walked after Emma. They sat down on the bench and Emma stared at him, waiting for him to say something. He sat with his elbows on his knees, his back bent and his head hanging.

“Well?” Emma asked. Dan looked up over at Ben and Rupert, who stood awkwardly three feet away from them. Ben still looked pissed and confused beyond belief. Rupert just looked confused.

“Dan.” Emma said, gently grabbing his face and turning it to face her. He looked up into her brown eyes and his insides turned. He swallowed hard, but it didn’t help, his throat was still dry and felt like sandpaper. His heart was racing and he could feel himself start to sweat. What was he going to say?


Emma stared back into his blue eyes and her insides started to turn. She swallowed trying to wet her throat and her heart was pounding. This whole evening had been spent with Ben, and she had been having fun until he started groping her in the theater. That was when she had started to think about Dan, and she knew he would never do that to her, with out her consent that is. She knew no matter how many times she kept telling herself to get over him, she couldn’t. And now he sat in front of her, looking just as scared and confused as she did. What was going on? Dan’s face began to look pale and Emma could tell he was biting at the insides of his cheeks. She couldn’t help it any more. She smiled and then started laughing. Dan looked at her confused. Emma laughed harder and then leaned her head back against the wall, catching her breath.

“Mind me asking what’s so funny?” Dan asked. She let out another giggle and then said, “You look like you’re going to throw up!” she said laughing again. He smiled and started laughing as well. The tension between the two was beginning to lighten. Dan sat up, straightening his back and smiled at her. She smiled back and tucked her hair behind her ear. Now that they seemed to be okay with each other, Emma decided to ask again.

“So, what are you doing here?” she asked.

“Um, well we were sort of, spying on you.” He said quickly.

“Spying on me? Why?” Emma asked. She wasn’t mad really, just confused.

Dan tried to contain himself, but couldn’t help it. The story came spilling out.

“Well, you sprang this date on us in surprise, and we had never met Ben before, we just wanted to make sure he was good enough for you. And Rupert was going on about you being a sister to us and it being our duty to protect you so we had no choice you see. We just wanted to make sure he wasn’t going to do anything to you, which he just did in the theater and probably would have continued if I hadn’t stopped him, so in a way you can’t be mad at us because we just saved you.” Dan finished. He took in a deep breath and let it out again.

Emma’s heart sank. Protecting her as a sister?

“So you were spying on me, out of brotherly love that is?” she said sadly.

“Well, yeah I guess….hang on, you aren’t mad?” Dan asked bewildered.

“No,” Emma replied “Actually I’m a little disappointed.”

“Huh?” Dan said. Now he was really confused. Emma rolled her eyes. Once again, he was not picking up on her hints. I guess I’ll have to spell it out for him, she thought.

“The truth is, I really like Ben. I mean up until the whole groping me in the theater, we had a really nice time on our date. He’s funny, sweet and not to mention totally hot.” Emma said. Dan looked at the floor. This isn’t exactly something he wanted to hear.

“But my feelings towards him are nothing compared to what I feel about you.” She finished. Dan looked over at her, and now she was the one looking at the floor. He didn’t know what to say. There were a million things that he had wanted to say throughout the whole evening, but now he was speechless.


Emma took the silence as a bad sign. She felt embarrassed and awkward. Why wasn’t he saying anything?

“Well, I mean I can understand if you don’t feel the same way. I just thought that you should know.” She said, so quietly it was almost a whisper.

She was almost in tears when she felt Dan’s warm hand touch her leg. With teary-eyes, she looked up into his face. With his left hand still on her leg, he reached with his right hand to brush a piece of hair out of her face. Emma’s entire body began to tingle. Only an hour ago Ben had done that exact same thing to her, but she hadn’t responded like this.

“Emma, I have a confession.” Dan said. He took her left hand with his right, his other hand still resting on her smooth, warm leg. She gently rubbed her thumb over the back of his hand.

“What?” she said, savoring the moment in case he said something she didn’t want to hear. However she was looking at the ground again.

“Em, look at me.” Dan said. Emma lifted her had to look into his beautiful eyes again.

“I didn’t follow you tonight out of brotherly love for you, although I did feel obligated to protect you.” He said with a smile. Emma grinned.

“It was my idea and Rupert came along because we both care about you very much. You know that right?” he finished. She nodded, still not quite sure where he was headed with all of this.

“Well the real reason I wanted to follow you tonight was because I was insanely jealous of the guy you were going out with.” Dan replied. Emma’s stomach was filling with butterflies. He had been jealous?

“Why were you jealous?” she asked.


The hand that was holding Emma’s started to get sweaty. Dan was so nervous he could hardly contain himself. Emma had just told him that she had feelings for him. Why couldn’t he just come out and say it himself? Because it was so much easier to say inside his head. He swallowed and then continued.

“I think I am-“ he began and then stopped. Emma’s face was inches away from his. He could feel her breath on his face. He couldn’t control himself, it was like his face was being pulled towards her. He took in a deep breath and then leaned in. His lips brushed hers.

Emma felt Dan’s luscious lips on her own. Her entire body was out of control. It was like something inside her had exploded. Dan was actually kissing her. There lips parted and Emma sat there, stunned. Dan smiled at her reaction.

“Emma, I love you.” He finally said.

Emma leaned in to kiss him again, but before she did, she softly whispered

“I love you too Dan.”


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