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I have extended the due date to friday. Now that was have two entries I thought it would help others to get to writing one. I encourage you all to atleast try and write something it dosen't have to be long but I would really like to see this community go somewhere.

I promise the next Challenge will be Harry/Hermione I already know what I want it to be. 

Well without further ado here is my story for challenge two.

Challenge two.

Dan sat in his trailer his IPOD lying unused next to him thinking about the day ahead. ‘A kiss?’ he thought to himself ‘how in the world am I supposed to kiss Katie?’

“Knock knock” Emma said helping herself in to his trailer. “Where have you been hiding? Were all waiting for you Mr. Harry Potter!” She seemed in a good mood, too good.

Dan just rolled his eyes at her and fell on his back on the bed. She gave him a small smile before climbing over him and mimicking his movements. “Nice ceiling tile you have” She said admiring the view. “In my trailer it’s this nasty tile with holes I-“ She was cut off when Dan took the pillow he was using and threw it over her head.

She playfully bashed it off and smiled. “So are you going to tell me what’s wrong or am I going to have to use Chinese water torture?” She asked giving him a suspicious grin.

Dan sighed deeply before closing his eyes. “As pathetic as I may sound saying this, I’m scared to kiss Katie” Only when Emma took her hand in his did he dare open her eyes.

“So you have been hiding out here the whole time?” She asked pity in her eyes. Dan rolled his eyes “I must sound like such a dork, I mean it’s not like she’s the first girl I ever kissed” “No I was” Emma said with a mischievous grin.

Dan smiled and shook his head “That’s right you were” I guess I was just trying to block that from my mind” Emma gave him a playful punch before sitting up.

“Well Mr. Radcliffe, you have a dilemma what are you going to do?” She asked trying to sound forceful.

“Hide out here and hope they never find me”? Dan asked with a cheeky grin.

“Nooooooooooooooo” Emma said grabbing his wrist, “your going to stand up like a man and do something about it.

“Like what? I mean seriously Emma I can’t just sit here and make out with a pillow now can I?” “No you can use the next best thing, me” Emma said pointing to herself.

Dan sat up in disbelief “Emma Watson are you giving me permission to use you as a kissing prop?” He asked disbelief all over his face.

Emma gave a small shrug, “why not you use me as a arm rest, and chair, and a diary why not add to the list? Dan studied her closely, “what’s the catch?” he asked with a suspicious look.

“No catch.. Except you have to let me call you dannykin’s in an interview” she said with a giggle.

“Dan grimaced at that silly nickname Emma had given him. “Alright deal,” he said finally giving in. Emma just stuck her tongue out at him. “Whoa there I said I would kiss you we never said anything about tongues” He joked.

Emma just rolled her eyes. All right let’s just get this over with. She slowly moved towards the bead and rested her back against the headboard. Dan followed suit. He lay on one arm facing Emma. “Ready he asked leaning in” “As I’ll ever be,” Emma answered her eyes fluttering shut.

Dan closed his eyes two and slowly closed in the space between them catching her lips in a soft kiss. He felt her press back with an equal amount of force. Her hands snaked their way trough his hair as he wrapped his arms around her pulling him down with her their lips never breaking their lock.

Dan let his tongue slide over her lower lip asking for permission to enter. She immediately answered by opening her mouth under his as his tongue met hers. A moan escaped Emma’s lips as the kiss deepened and Dan just pulled her even closer to him. All his thought’s and worries were gone; he was melting in to this whirlpool of Emma.

Rupert slowly let himself in Dan’s trailer. “Dan?” He called out. “You in here were all waiting for you on set. We sent Emma out to find you but knowing her she probably got lost, never have a woman do a man’s jo-“ He stopped in mid sentence at the sight of his two best friends tangled up in each others arms. When they noticed Rupert standing there they both broke apart. “Rupert!” Emma yelped as she straightened her shirt “I was just helping Dan with his lines you know his whole kissing scene with Cho and all…” She said trying to stay calm. “Riight, I’m going to leave and pretend like I never saw you, you two better hurry up were all waiting” He gave his friends a quick wink before heading out. Emma leaned back against the headboard and let out a sigh of relief “talk about awkward moments” She said with a laugh. Dan just shrugged his shoulders and started getting up. He grabbed Emma’s hand and helped her up too. “Well he said, when she was on her feet. “One thing I can conclude from this is your just as good of a kisser as you were back than.” He gave her another peck on the lips and with a sly grin walked out. Leaving a stunned Emma to follow.
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