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Title:Secret love (how orginal lol)
Summary: Read the challenge silly's!

Challenge Number 3



                Harry met Hermione down in the common room around six. It would be the first day she would come running with him. She came down the stair’s wearing a gray running bra and blue bicycle shorts. Harry’s jaw dropped at the sight of her. She had definitely changed over the summer she had new curves and a very deep tan from when she was in France. Her very giving chest was bursting out of her bra. Harry did his best not to look at her as they did their morning stretches.

                They set out and ran along the pitch, it was a beautiful morning and barely anyone was out. Harry had grown quite strong over the summer from doing manual labor at his aunts. She had fired the crew who was redoing her garden and told Harry to do it. He had struggled a lot at first but now had some very nice muscles for the girls to oogle at.

                He looked over at Hermione who was surprisingly keeping up a very good pace with him and didn’t seem to be tired. He thought back to their 5th year when she had been abducted by death eaters. He thought he was going to die when she was hit with the curse. Her body went limp and he ran to her but nothing he could do would revive her. For that entire battle he thought she was dead and he fought on her honor. Ever since that day he knew he was in love with Hermione, knew he couldn’t live without her. The only problem was she was supposed to be with Ron. It was simple really Hermione and Ron were supposed to be together and Harry and Ginny were together. He thought back to snogging Ginny in the corridor’s between classes it felt nice holding her in his arms but it was nothing like Having Hermione there, with her bushy hair and chocolate brown eyes. Harry kept asking himself the same question over and over. “Would Ginny die for me?” The answer was always the same, no.

                “A secret love is about to be revealed” Sandy his pet snake hissed from his arm. Harry immediately stopped and looked around. Hermione too followed his approach. “Harry what’s wrong?” She asked walking over to him. “Sandy she said a secret love is about to be revealed.” Hermione mimicked his moves and looked around too. Harry had discovered some time ago that snakes had the site. One day when he was working in the garden she predicted a bunch of rocks would fall. When Dumbledore confirmed that snakes could see in the future he carried her with him everywhere and knew to take her predictions seriously.

 They continued to look around but saw nothing. Harry shrugged it off before asking Hermione if she wanted to do their warm down stretches. Harry was holding Hermione’s ankles while she did her crunches when he saw it. There in the stands for anyone to see was Ginny kissing Draco. Harry froze they were so involved around each other they didn’t notice Harry or Hermione. “Harry!” Hermione yelled getting back his attention. “I think 300 sit-ups is enough, your turn now” Hermione said looking at him strangely.  Harry just gave her a small smile before having her hold his ankles and he contemplated the issue with Draco and Ginny in his head.


                Hermione had asked Harry if she could come running with him that morning. Ever since her attack in the fourth year she wanted to try everything possible to keep herself safe. She quickly threw on a pair of running shorts and her gray sports bra before descending down to the common room. She laughed as Harry’s draw dropped at the sight of her. She had worn them especially for him, she knew it would never happen but she had always secretly wanted him. Once Harry gained his composure back they set off together towards the quidditch pitch. They ran along each other not talking to help keep up with their breathing. They had been running for a while when Harry suddenly stopped. Hermione stopped too and when she asked him what was wrong he told her that Sandy had made a prediction. They both waited for something to happen but when nothing did they shook it off and started to condition.

                Hermione was doing her crunches as Harry held her ankles. His mind seemed to be somewhere else so she took her time looking him up and down. He had taken off his shirt since he had gotten hot and she could see his now well defined quidditch muscles it took all her strength not to jump him there.  She quickly erased those thoughts from her head when she thought about Ron. She could never hurt him like that but than why did Harry have to be so damn irresistible?

                She couldn’t help herself from staring at him he was absolutely gorgeous. She watched as he would sit up and his ab muscles would scrunch up and when he went back down they would flatten out. She was memorized. “Er.. Hermione” Harry asked when he was done. She looked up at him her chocolate brown eyes met his emerald green one. Before either one knew what happened Harry had pulled Hermione on top of him or they began kissing right there in the quidditch pitches. He ran his tongue over her bottom lip as she opened her mouth letting him. They didn’t care that everyone could see them since the only two people around were quite busy.

                No one would know what happened on the quidditch pitch that day except for those four wizards and a snake. Snakes are remarkable creatures not only do they have the sight but they are perfect for keeping secrets.

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