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I'm so excited we have so many entries!

I will post each entry and you can read through them and leave comment's on what you thought of the story. Than tomorrow or later today depends I will put up the voting. So I'll start with the first entry i recieved.

Just read through it and if you feel like leaving a comment than feel free.

Good luck to everyone!

The Mixing of Fantasy and Reality


Dan Radcliffe finished putting on his regular clothes, enjoying the fact that he was out of the heavy Hogwarts cloak he had to wear, and was finally back in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. From the window in his trailer he could see the sun starting to sink in the English sky, and opened the door, breathing deeply of the cool air, and the other faint sensation on the breeze: freedom.


It was a Friday night, and for once they weren’t going to be doing any shooting this weekend, which meant himself and the rest of the Order of the Phoenix cast had a chance to relax this weekend. He’d made a couple of calls to some of his old friends, but hadn’t come back with anything set in stone yet. One thing was for sure: he was going to make the most of this weekend.


He was standing outside, enjoying a peaceful moment, when he heard the trailer door next to his slam shut, and looked over to see Rupert Grint walking over to him. He also looked relieved to be back in normal clothes, and he brushed his red hair off of his forehead.


“Finally a free weekend, eh?” Rupert said in his normally quiet voice.


“It seems like ages since the last one doesn’t it?” Dan asked, pulling his arms through a light jacket. “Any plans?”


Rupert just kind of nonchalantly shrugged and said, “We’ll see. Whatever comes up.”


That was Rupert for you – laid back and easy going. It was definitely nice to work with someone like that.


“Any idea what Em’s doing?” Rupert asked, as he quickly pulled out his mobile to reply to a text message.


“No idea,” Dan replied, furrowing his brow as he tried to remember if she’d mentioned anything during the day’s shooting. “Should we go see?”


“Sure,” Rupert said as he slipped his phone into his pocket, and the pair headed over to Emma’s trailer, which was a few rows over. As they walked down the aisles of trailers people were constantly waving, shouting “hullos” and asking about how the day’s filming went.


Just as they were turning the corner to where Emma’s trailer was, Dan heard Emma’s laugh mixing with some strange guy’s. He put his arm out to halt Rupert, who heard the sound too and looked at Dan with a questioning look.


With a finger over his lips, Dan peeked around the trailer and saw Emma standing outside her trailer, also dressed in a pair of jeans and a green top, with her hair a cascade of curls – apparently she decided not to do anything to it after filming. It was funny how she even made normal clothes look glamorous. He remembered saying something in an interview about the fourth film how Emma had always been beautiful, so during the Yule Ball scene he just kept thinking, well she’s even more beautiful. As he looked at her now, he realized she was only becoming more and more so with time.


The real question here was who was the bloke she was talking to? His back was turned to them, so he couldn’t see a face. He was a bit taller than she was, and all he could tell was that he had shaggy brown hair.


The pair appeared to just be finishing up talking. The guy looked at his watch, and Dan distinctly heard the word “eight” agreed upon, and then the guy was walking the opposite way down the row. Emma had turned her back to them as she watched him leave, and he turned and waved at her, and Dan finally got a look at his face, and his jaw nearly dropped: it was one of the extra’s from Slytherin house.


She was going to go on a date with a Slytherin! he thought with momentary bafflement and had to shake his mind out of Harry’s: they weren’t in the Wizarding world and the houses didn’t mean anything here. Still, the thought rankled him more than he would like to admit.


Her back was still turned to them, and Dan motioned for Rupert to follow him. He mouthed “act natural,” but Rupert just shook his head and mouthed “what?” but before they could get any further, Emma had turned around.


“Hey guys,” Emma Watson said, smiling happily at her two co-stars. She had just recently turned 16 (both of the guys had been at the celebration, which had been completely blown out of proportion in some of the papers) and had this new level of confidence that just seemed to radiate off of her. “Excited to have a weekend to ourselves?”


Dan tried to think up something clever to say, something that wouldn’t give away what he just saw, but before he could come up with anything the words just came out: “Who was that?”


Emma laughed and rolled her eyes, and Dan thought to himself, Well, I’m almost as bad with girls as Harry is. Painful memories of awkward scenes he had just filmed with Katie Leung as Cho Chang flitted across his mind, but he quickly dismissed them.


“His name’s James, he’s one of the extras for Slytherin.” She saw Rupert was about to say something and said, “Rupe, it doesn’t matter – remember, we really don’t go to Hogwarts?”


Rupert blushed and mumbled something about “that’s not what I was going to say,” and Emma laughed and put her hand on his shoulder.


“Just giving you a hard time is all,” she said with a smile.


“So are you guys doing something tonight?” Dan asked, trying to keep his voice as conversational as possible.


“Yes, we’re going to see some horror movie he heard was really good.”


A horror movie Dan thought. So she gets scared and you get to comfort her eh? Nice move.


“Sounds like fun,” Rupert said in a reserved voice.


Emma was looking back and forth at the two of them with a wary look. “What?” she asked.


“Oh, it’s nothing…it’s just, you know, it would have been nice to meet him,” Dan said, with the sinking feeling he was digging his own grave.


Emma shook her head with a bemused smile. “Look guys, I know you two think you’re my older brothers, and I appreciate what you’re trying to do, but believe me, I can handle this. Don’t worry about it.”


She gave them each a hug and a wish for a good weekend, as was gone.


The watched her walk away in silence, until Rupert finally asked, “So, what are we doing tonight?”


Dan just looked at him for a moment, then at the retreating figure of Emma.


“Going to the movies.”


It had taken a bit of snooping around, and talking to a more than a few of the Slytherin extras before they found exactly which cinema James was planning on taking Emma to, and then they just had about an hour to kill until they had to head over there.


If the movie started at eight, Dan figured it would be best to show up a little late, so that they would already be in their seats and wouldn’t notice his and Rupert’s entrance.


As the grabbed a quick bite, Rupert began to look a little nervous.


“Dan, are you sure this is a good idea? I mean, nobody cares about Emma more than I do, but like she said, she’s not a little kid. She knows what she’s doing.”


“I know she is,” he answered. “It’s just…I don’t want to see her get hurt or anything.”


Rupert gave him a searching look, and for a moment he wondered if protectiveness was the only motive behind his actions. After all, he had known Emma for years now, and they’d been through a lot together, but could he actually like…he shook his head, clearing his thoughts. The only reason he was doing this was to make sure she was okay, he stated firmly. Still, there was a part of him that didn’t quite buy it.


“Don’t worry about it Rupe,” Dan said, trying to be reassuring. “We’ll just sneak in once the movie has started, sit a couple of rows behind them – we won’t interrupt or anything – and just make sure he doesn’t make a bad move or something.”


“What if he does?” Rupert answered, and Dan started. He hadn’t thought about what they would do if the bloke did try anything.


“Um…come on, we play Harry Potter and Ron Weasley; we can have him killed,” Dan said with a laugh. Rupert laughed too, although Dan could tell that Rupert was well aware of the fact that he hadn’t answered his question.


At last eight rolled around and they made their way to the cinema, keeping an eye out for Emma and her date, but thankfully they didn’t see them anywhere. The reached the cinema around 8:15, just like Dan had planned and he couldn’t help but smile as they walked towards the theatre and he could hear the sounds of the movie playing. They’ll never even know we’re here he thought happily.


The quietly opened the doors and stood for a moment, their eyes adjusting to the darkness as they looked for Emma. There weren’t very many people in the room, only a handful a best, but he could only see the back of everyone’s head. At last he found her, sitting practically dead center in the theatre. He motioned to Rupert, who saw Emma and James as well, and the crept to seats three rows behind them. Perfect Dan thought. Now we just enjoy the movie, and if anything goes wrong, we’ll be right here.


At least, it would have been perfect if Dan had remembered one thing.


Horror movies never really bothered him, plus he couldn’t stop focusing on the pair in front of him, so he really wasn’t paying much attention to the movie at all. He occasionally saw audience members jump and let out an occasional yelp of fear – he couldn’t help but chuckle at the fact that one or two of those came from Emma – but other than that, it all seemed to be going fine.


Dan turned to give Rupert a triumphant smile, but the smile quickly melted when he saw the petrified look on Rupert’s face. Oh bloody hell Dan thought: Rupert hates scary movies. No wonder he didn’t want to do this. Just please let him hold together for a little longer.


Suddenly Dan was paying a lot more attention to the movie, trying to gauge Rupert’s reaction to what was happening on the screen. So far there hadn’t been anything terribly frightening, and Dan had high hopes that they were going to make it through fine.


Until a particularly disturbed image of some pale, half-dead girl who screamed as blood dripped down her mouth flashed across the screen. There were scattered yelps throughout the theatre, and one of them was Rupert’s. Of course, it had to be the loudest of the lot as well.


Dan’s head snapped back to where Emma was, praying that she wouldn’t have turned around. With a great sigh of relief he saw that she was still facing forward, but he could have sworn she was sitting a little straighter.


It’s just your imagination Dan said to himself, but he suddenly had a sinking feeling in his stomach.


The rest of the film passed without incident: Emma never turned around and Rupert managed to keep his fright under control. As the movie ended and the lights came on Dan and Rupert crouched down near the ground as everyone emptied the theatre. Dan thought it was better to wait a few minutes just to make sure, and then peeked over the chairs to see if anyone was still there. The room was vacant and he let out a loud sigh of relief.


As they stood up he clapped Rupert on the back and said, “Well that was a close one mate.”


Rupert just shot him a dirty look and mumbled something about “bloody scary movies.”


Dan laughed and said, “Okay, okay. I promise I’ll never drag you to one of these again.”


Rupert lightened up a little, and as they headed toward the door he said, “Wouldn’t it just be easier to implant her with a tracking device or something?”


They were both laughing as the opened the door only to find themselves face-to-face with a very frustrated Emma, her arms folded in front of her and daggers shooting from her eyes.


Both Dan and Rupert stopped dead, their mouths nearly falling open. Emma just continued to glare at them with a dangerous glint in her eyes and they fumbled for something to say.


Finally Dan managed to say, “How…how did you? Did you see…?”


“Dan, we’re working on our fifth movie together. Do you honestly think I wouldn’t recognize Rupert’s scream from a mile away, much less a couple of rows?”


Dan cast a sideways glance to his friend, who was scarlet-faced and staring intently at his shoes.


“I, um, guess not,” he answered meekly. She just continued to look at him, and he suddenly noticed she was alone. “Where’s James?” he asked.


“He’s outside waiting. I told him I had to use the ladies’ room for a moment,” she answered, her voice still a steely cool.


Finally Dan just blurted out, “Look Emma, we know you can take care of yourself, it’s just that we care about you and we wanted to make sure he didn’t try anything. I mean, we don’t eve know him.”


You don’t know him,” she said. “I do, and if I decided to go on a date with him, it’s because I wanted to, and if you two really cared about me, you’d trust me enough to take care of it.”


Dan didn’t have a reply, so he just nodded, and noted that Rupert was doing the same.


She sighed and said, “I’ve got to go. Look guys, like I said, I appreciate it, but if you want to double date next time, just ask me.”


Dan felt his face turn fiery red and he heard Rupert sputter out something about having a girlfriend already.


Emma smirked, and gave Rupert a hug, adding, “You’re too easy Rupert. I was just kidding again.”


She stood in front of Dan and said, “I know this was your idea Dan,” but before he could even reply she gave him a light kiss on the cheek, and said “thanks for the thought.”


Dan would have been smiling while she walked away except for the fact that as she did, she gave him a mischievous look that said as plain as day, I’m not going to let you forget this.


He had a sick feeling that Monday was going to be a very long day.






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aww i loved this!! it was so real!
"She had just recently turned 16 (both of the guys had been at the celebration, which had been completely blown out of proportion in some of the papers"
ha i liked that true. great job