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“Brotherly” Love
DISCLAIMER: I own nothinggg =)
Emma skipped onto the set of The Order of the Phoenix, spinning around and giggling.
Dan and Rupert stood in a corner of the Great Hall staring at Emma. “Boy, I wonder what’s up with her,” Dan remarked.
Emma spotted the two boys across the room and made her way to them. She was grinning from ear to ear and announced, “I have a date tonight boys!”
Rupert burst out into uncontrollable laughter, and Dan whacked his arm. Emma shot him an evil glare.
“So, who’s the lucky guy Em?” Dan asked.
Emma, glad to have at least one friend interested, replied, “Oh, one of my friends from elementary school, Sean. We’re just going to see a movie.”
Dan thought the name sounded familiar, but brushed aside that thought. “Well, I’m happy for you Em, hope you have a nice time.”
Emma smiled gratefully and waltzed away.
Once more, Rupert cracked up laughing and gasped, “Emma..a date..who in their right mind..”
Dan yanked him by the arm and pulled Rupert farther into the corner. “We have to follow them tonight Rup,” he whispered, “I can’t let her go alone, what if he tries something on her?”
Rupert, for once in his life, looked serious and agreed to accompany Dan.
As Emma was putting the finishing touches on her makeup, her doorbell rang. She rushed to the door to meet Sean, and he greeted her with a big hug. “I’ve missed you Emma!” he exclaimed.
The two got in Sean’s truck and drove to the cinema.
Dan and Rupert watched Sean escort Emma to the correct theater, and snuck in after them. They found a seat the row behind the two lovebirds.
It was already dark in the theater and the movie started.
Rupert made gagging noises nearly the entire film, as it was a mushy chick flick. Dan kept punching his arm to shut him up so Emma wouldn’t hear him.
During a kissing scene in the movie, Sean tried to slip his arm around Emma’s neck.
“How lame,” Dan thought to himself. Just as Sean stretched out his arm, Dan kicked the back of his chair, causing Sean to whack Emma in the neck.
“Ouch!” Emma cried.
Dan pulled his baseball cap lower on his head to cover his face. Sean whirled around and Dan whispered, “My bad.”
Sean turned back around and, this time gracefully, slid his arm around Emma’s shoulder.
After the movie was over, everyone stood up to exit the theater. Emma glanced at the row behind her, and noticed two boys who looked an awful lot like Rupert and Dan. She examined them carefully, then yanked Sean out of the theater.
Once in Rupert’s car, Dan commented, “Well, I think we got away with it mate. Doubt Emma even noticed us.”
They cautiously followed Sean to Emma’s house, where he dropped her off. Rupert attempted to hide his truck in the neighbor’s driveway, where he and Dan could still keep an eye on Emma.
Sean walked Emma to her front porch and they stood there for a moment. Suddenly, Emma pulled Sean’s face to hers and kissed him. Dan and Rupert sat shocked in the truck.
Sean eventually left, and Emma went inside. “I’m going inside to check on her,” Dan told Rupert, “You coming?”
“Naw,” Rupert replied, “I’m heading home.”
“Alright,” Dan said, “Thanks for coming with me tonight. I’ll walk home later.”
Dan lived just a street over from Emma, which he always found very convient.
Dan approached Emma’s front door and rang the doorbell. Emma answered and plastered a fake smile on her face.
“Why, hello Daniel,” She said.
Dan took notice that something about her wasn’t quite right. He walked into the living room and sat on the couch. Emma walked right past him and sat across the room from him on a separate couch.
Confused, Dan asked, “Em, is everything okay?”
Emma paused, then broke down. “Daniel, how could you spy on me while I was on a date? Can’t I get at least a little respect and privacy?”
“Emma I-” Dan began.
“No, I don’t want to hear excuses,” Emma said through her tears. “Sean and I were just trying to go to the movies like normal people, but you and Rupert had to follow us like stupid little spies.”
Just as Emma said Sean’s name again, Dan suddenly remembered where he recognized him from.
“Emma,” Dan said blatantly. “Was that the same Sean that used to mercilessly make fun of you?”
“Um,” Emma stammered, “So what if it is? He’s different now.”
“He’s different now because you’re famous and rich!” Dan yelled. “I can’t believe you went out with him! You used to cry on my shoulder for days about the things he would say to you when we were younger!”
“Daniel, I’m old enough to make my own decisions,” Emma said calmly. “Besides, Sean was perfectly nice to me this evening. I had a lovely time until you two ruined it for me.”
Dan took a deep breath and started, “Emma, how can you not see that Sean is using you?” Dan’s voice escalated as he continued, “All that scoundrel wanted was to make it into the latest tabloid as your most recent “boyfriend”! He didn’t want to date you because he genuinely cared about you! You couldn’t have possibly wanted to kiss him tonight.”
Dan looked at Emma and saw silent tears rolling down her face. “What are you saying Dan? That no boy would ever truly want to date me? That they all just want to use me?”
Dan began to say something and Emma cut him off, “Look, I only kissed him tonight because I knew you and Rupert were watching. But I do like Sean, okay? Is something so wrong with that?”
“I was just trying to protect you, Em. It would kill me if someone ever hurt you.” Dan replied quietly.
He walked over to where Emma was, and sat next to her. Emma’s brown eyes still spilled over with tears and Dan wiped them away. He raised her chin and she stared into his ocean blue eyes.
“Emma, I can’t let you date that bastard. You deserve so much better. Can’t you see that you are such a special and beautiful girl?”
“Did you just say I’m beautiful?” Emma breathed, as more tears strayed down her cheek.
Dan blushed, but didn’t break his gaze. He gently kissed her cheek and brushed away the tears with his lips.
Emma stared into his eyes with a look of confusion. Dan placed a finger on her lip, silencing her. “The reason I can’t let you date Sean is because I have to protect you, Em. I know that there’s only one person in this world who would never hurt you, and it isn’t Sean..”
“It’s me.”
A smile crept to Emma’s lips and she whispered, “I’m glad you’re always there to watch out for me, but like I said earlier I can make my own decisions.”
Dan’s face fell and Emma continued, “I’ve made my decision Dan.”
“Oh, alright,” Dan replied as he looked down at the floor. “Just be careful with him okay, Em?”
The next thing Dan knew, Emma’s face was less than an inch away from his. Dan pushed her bangs out of her eyes and cupped her chin in his hands.
Softly, their lips met in a cautious kiss. Dan ran his hands down her back, and Emma brushed her cold fingertips across his cheek.
The kiss was short and tender, but each knew exactly what the other was thinking.
“Can’t you see Dan? I have to protect you too. I could never let you date another girl, because then I would be losing my perfect man.”
Dan’s lips curled into a small smile, and he kissed Emma’s forehead.
He captured her lips in another soft kiss. Neither felt the need to delve into a more passionate kiss; simply his lips against hers signified their deep trust and love for each other.
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This was a great story! I really enjoyed it, especially Emma's surprise move at the end. Good job!
i was cracking up at the part when dan kicked the chair...that is so something that would happen. then end was so cute! i loved it