My thought's are choking on you my dear (starromance14) wrote in hhr_de_fanfics,
My thought's are choking on you my dear

Time for a new Challenge!!


Since I am idealess at the moment for new  challenge idea's I'm going to make this one kind of open.

It will be a D/E challenge (again I know I'm sorry)

and the only rules are you have to have all of these lines somewhere in your story.

"I see you baby, shaking that ass"

"Lookee here it's my little Emma the girl that likes to get KRUNK!"

"Very funny now let's see if I remember correctly you weren't supposed to be a sarcastic bitch unitl wensday."

"I would hug you but I don't want to get rabbies"
"You dork you can't get rabbies from hugging people"
"So your admitting you have rabbies than"

I know quite random but hey I try.

All challenges need to be e-mailed to me ( by next Sunday at midnight.

Good luck and have fun!

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